by ferris

Got the first value editing slider in the tool today :)

Was a bit of a journey figuring out how the architecture would be, in order to support undo, work across the C++/Rust language bridge, and generally not suck in terms of code. This also came with some refactoring of how the whole tool fits together, which was for the better. Basically I made everything synchronous and simplified a whole bunch of stuff. I know I'm being a bit vague, but I'd have to explain tons of stuff to make this really worthwhile, and I'd rather just say YAY IT WORKS and hope I don't hit any more walls in the architecture moving forward. If it turns out to continue to not suck (which I'll probably find out either this week or next) then a more proper writeup of the internals is probably in order, but for now I'm just happy I got something done at all on a short week (I was at a conference for half the week, and spent half of the other half playing Hyper Light Drifter :D).

So yeah, scene graph tree view is populated, nodes can be selected, properties can be changed... Feels good :)

Obligatory full screen shot:

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