Moar Video.

Moar Video.

by Zach Harvest

With all of this nice weather we have had, this week I did some filming. I did some editing on one shoot but none on the others. (Ill upload raw preview shots but not all of them) I really wanted to work with the slider more, but some of the shots just didn’t call for it. That, and I need to get a proper tripod so I can get the slider elevated and usable off the ground. All of my shots right now have to be on the ground and when you have a 40in rigid camera slider, its not the easiest thing to place. Something else I’m still getting used to is the fact that I’m using a cheap slider. I really want a nicer one already. The biggest issue is the slight slop in the bearings and tolerances between all of the rollers and the shafts. This means I have to put weight on one side of the track or the other to keep it from rocking about as I move the dolly down the slider. It’s probably correctable in post, but I will still lose out on resolution because of it. When correcting this, I can lose up to 15% of my horizontal and vertical resolution which is always a bummer. I don’t have any overscan to help with issues like this and is a real reason for considering 4k. I really think it should be a standard to have cameras record just 10% over 1080p for post-production. Do you know what I could do with 10% overscan? Stabilize all the things! And you can add additional movement ect. Anyway, we can dream. But for now I need to figure out a way to fix this or just buy a better slider. Another issue I run into is I need a tilt base for my fluid drag head. I can’t do any vertical slide and pan shots because I can’t tilt the head. I can’t even do a horizontal slide with one side elevated. The camera would just be crooked. This limits my shots a lot and is super frustrating. I also suffered from “Shitty creative brain” day and didn’t even set myself up for good shots. Maybe they will look better after color grading, but I’m not hopeful.

This one is a rough edit. Its pretty much a mockup. Not done!

ferris commented

This is rad, nice "collab" with brad this time! Will be awesome when it's finished :)

on Mon Mar 21 2016 14:26:22 GMT-0400 (EDT)