This Week's Struggle, Codename: Slack

This Week's Struggle, Codename: Slack

by bau5

Well. It was my spring break. And I slacked pretty hard. and it was pretty great. I worked more on my game dev project, which is getting pretty fun. I don't have much to show for that though, it was mostly figuring out some mechanics like proximity detection for units and some performance optimizations. The real meat of the gameplay is going to come in the next couple days before the due date on Friday.

After that, and well maybe leading up to that, I'm going to finish up User Pages, making some layout adjustments that Zach suggested. And then it'll be onto the next project that I've yet to nail down exactly 😋 Got a couple ideas floating around, but we'll see.

Stay tuned for something more interesting!

Watch this cause kids are stupid and it's hilarious

Zach Harvest commented

I want to play this so hard.

on Mon Mar 21 2016 14:29:03 GMT-0400 (EDT)