Smooth Footage...but linear?

by Zach Harvest

It seems my obsession with smooth video is becoming unhealthy. I bought a video slider. Ill post a pic of it later. I bought it because I have been pining over product shots of tech based youtubers. It seems they all have a competition for the best shots and they're really getting to me. This slider...The outcome could not be closer to my expectations. In fact! It produced shots I didn't even think I got. Let me level with you. I don't feel that my shots to date have had the dreamy appeal I thought they would have, as they wouldn't. I'm not a pro. BUT I haven't spent a lot of time on the equipment so it will improve with time. These shots are quite literally out of the box. The only time I spent using it was attaching my new fluid drag video head to the slider, making sure it slides, and picked it up and wen't downtown. I wen't to the dock that I have't gotten a good shot of yet. A tall order for a thing I just pulled out of a box, I know. I got to the dock and DUCKS! I saw the ducks. I put the slider down (cus ducks...obvi) and did the slide. I filmed them pruning, swimming and stuff, framed it all nice. And I packed up and wen't to try some other shots on the trail up the way. After I was done filming and was on my way to get a drink and review the footage on my laptop, I did some review from the camera. As the videos played back on the monitor, I was surprised at how good they looked! I mean, it could just be small screen syndrome, and they have to be out of focus or something. NOPE. They are just kick ass. This thing rocks. I nailed focus, The slide was smooth. REALLY SMOOTH. The fluid drag head did its job well. I need to work on it a little and make sure that MY motion is fluid. But all in all. I could not be more happy and I look forward to filming all the shit this week. It's going to be great.

Check out the grade and edit!

baggers commented

Looks great! especially love the slide across the deck with the ducks passing behind the tree

on Mon Mar 07 2016 05:03:49 GMT-0500 (EST)