Narrowly avoided SSHAMMME

by baggers

Not too much to report this week as the wife and I spent a lot of sunday playing quake 2 :p

  • I've done some more work prepping for releasing my projects on the lisp package manager. This came up as there is a project called cl-test-grid which allows people to donate some of their machine time to running tests & building projects for the community. This highlighted some errors in my packages that only appears on certain implementations of common-lisp. Those are cleaned up now.

  • I have skyboxes working in my toy engine now. This involved fixing a couple of small bugs in the space->space route finding code.

  • I started working a particle system (that I should be able to show next week) and in doing so found some mistakes in my code that handles gl image formats. So I have taken some time to sit down with the spec and clean that up.

That's all for now, hope i get this in on time :)

Last Edited on Mon Mar 07 2016 04:09:45 GMT-0500 (EST)

Zach Harvest commented

PARTICLES! I've been playing around with the particle engine in blender recently. Tons of fun! Can't wait to see some screenshots!

on Tue Mar 08 2016 13:32:54 GMT-0500 (EST)