Back on demo stuff again :D

Back on demo stuff again :D

by ferris

This week I spent some time getting a demo engine up and running on mac. I basically started rebuilding some of the abstractions I had from last summer's F# engine/tool, but this time in Rust. That went fairly well, but what did NOT go well was trying to find a gui toolkit to use for the tool part.

I played around a bit with conrod, and even though the api itself is pretty nice to use when you're actually specifying/laying out components, it's SUPER immature, undocumented, and lacks any sort of higher-level components I would expect like a TreeView. I also couldn't for the life of me get it to play very nicely with a multi-window setup.

I also spent some time getting a Qt editor window (as seen in the screenshot) but ofc that has some other nasties; the render window doesn't seem to like the fact that there's already a window in the same process (even though it's on a different thread) for example, and this manifests in weird ways such as the render window only showing the first character of its title (???). There's also some stuff with exception propagation and I generally don't want to use C++ for this, so I'm not sure how I feel about it all yet.

I also did a track that's around 90% done now, also likely for a demo. Don't want to share for that reason :)

Productive week!

Zach Harvest commented

He gots teh triangle back! Demos man. So stoked.

on Tue Mar 08 2016 13:23:26 GMT-0500 (EST)