More little projects

by Zach Harvest

This week I worked in Blender, played with a drone, and did some more video shooting. The particle engine in blender is actually pretty robust. I was surprised at the amount of features. Theres also a new feature that allows you to modify materials over new parameters like, time, life cycle, frames, size, and more. This is really cool because you can make particle fade over time, change color, or any other material you can come up with. I'm also starting to get much more adept at using the node editor. Sometimes I'll just hop in and start adding nodes which is reallllllly cool because I was so intimidated by it. I will post pics when I get my desktop back up and running today but I wanted to get my post in.

Also, Brad and I went shooting in some woods to get more practice down with our steady cam rigs. I will make and edit this week but Ill post a few pic from the shoot but the edit will have to wait ;) Our goal was to learn some low light shooting styles and use available light to get the shot. We went out right before sunset and took a 2.5 walk through some old trails out by my parents house. I even took out a drone!