Even more silly parts incoming!

Even more silly parts incoming!

by ferris

This was one of those weeks where my time was cut super short again, so all I really did was continue work on the chromebook front by ordering some sockets to replace the BIOS ROM's with so I can start working on my own. Should be here in a few days; hopefully I can start work then. Thanks to the #n64dev guys on efnet, it seems I have a few options on how I might actually go about desoldering the ROM's from the board. Currently the best plan seems to be to apply large amounts of solder to the pins on both sides of the chip, then heat each side's glob alternately while applying some upwards force to the chip until eventually it escapes the blobs altogether. Then, some solder wick can be used to clean up the mess. This seems like the least risky strategy I know of so far; heat gun might just blow other stuff away and I'm certainly not going to try to wick the pins with the part attached :)

Anyways, more next week!

Last Edited on Mon Feb 29 2016 00:53:35 GMT-0500 (EST)

bau5 commented

When you raise these chromebooks from the dead it's going to be so satisfying. Like the modern Frankenstein. Jakenstein.

Looking forward to see how it goes!

on Mon Feb 29 2016 03:21:45 GMT-0500 (EST)

ferris commented

Yeah, I've done some of this hacky shit on old, cheap hw; much more of a thrill to do it on stuff I spent decent money on XD

Also props for realizing the doctor's name is frankenstein, not the monster's :D

on Mon Feb 29 2016 17:00:26 GMT-0500 (EST)