Ship it!

by baggers

My wife is recovering well from surgery so I've had some time this weekend to work on my projects again.

This week I have been getting 8 of my libraries ready to go into the common lisp package manager.

This involved:

  • updating the licenses and project metadata
  • building the projects in verbose mode and correcting every warning
  • doing the above across 3 different common-lisp implementations
  • testing, bugfixing
  • whilst doing the above, finding little things that need refactoring/cleanup. Fixing those
  • testing and fixing again.

They are all submitted now, so within a month all of those will be available via a one-liner from the repl. I'm pretty stoked about that.

I kicked this process off a while ago as people were beginning to try out cepl and were asking good questions, especially regarding how to use a different backend from sdl2, how to use a different repl-server & also general set up stuff.

All of this meant it made sense to revisit what was in cepl and whether it needed to be there, a lot of cruft had accumulated and getting it out felt great.

So yeah, that's about it. Im in the odd position of things generally working so I need to go back and try and break things again.