Properly shot

Properly shot

by Zach Harvest

This week I made an Instagram short with Brad!

At first we wanted to make a longer video but after a few hours of trying to story board and figure it all out, it was decided to just make an Instagram video entirely because that's what's going to get the exposure anyway. The reason we wanted to do this is because Brad had a bunch of us over and we all vape so the room got really hazy. This provided excellent lighting and somehow this video idea was born.

First shot. Brad walks in. Ideas were plentiful but eventually we ended up with Brad walking to his desk, picking up the cube and sitting down. After having all of these shot ideas for a longer video, throwing all of those out shifted our timeline making some of the scenes different than expected. There were many renditions of this and many takes to get a smooth steadycam shot but turned out awesome.

Second shot. Timelapse. Pretty straight forward but basically I took a video and sped it up. I coaxed brad in different directions to keep everything in frame. We had also pre-determined how he was to handle the cube, once solved.

Third shot. The glitch. Literally once we started this entire idea, I had this scene in my head fully planned out. From the angle, to the lighting to the glitch effect. Basically I wanted a shot of Brad putting down the cube, then have it glitch but that's one of the scenes that got dropped in the transition to Insagram. So we ended up with a still shot of the cube, solved, then mix it up, and shoot it in the same spot rinse and repeat. There were about 5 total mixed up versions to click through in edit so there isn't just a flash from solved to the same mixed up version. Very precise references were made so the cube was placed in the same spot every time. Video overlay a glitch effect and sounds, do some post crop zooms and BOOM. Dope glitch.

Check it out here!

Also, PS. I just figured out how to set up my steadycam rig so prepare your butt holes. Next week is going to be tits.

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consider it prepared 👍

on Mon Feb 15 2016 14:03:37 GMT-0500 (EST)