The slow grind to release

by baggers

This week's work doesnt make for a good story, but c'est la vie.

Given the interest this project has been having I decided it was about time I get this thing into a the lisp package manager (quicklisp). This has meant turning my attention to cepl's dependencies and general cleanliness. I've done the following:

  • split the 'hosts' into their own projects. cepl only deal with gl so it needs a 'host' to provide a context and manage the window. Right now sdl2 is the only host but more will be added.
  • add a easy way to make a project. This was a huge PITA but works well now. You are able to call a function with a name and a project skeleton is created which includes all the essentials for the a cepl project. It also includes a script to start the session that your editor will connect to (with the option to have multiple different backends here)
  • rewrite the input system. That is what I have been doing this evening. Damn fiddly job but will mean much better performance and less GC thrashing. The old approach involved a lot of callbacks and.. ah I'll write this one up another time.

Other than this it's just been a lot of of little fixes. Next week I'm not going to be free so I won't be posting here. (SHAME)

Seeya folks