Butterball Part III

Butterball Part III

by ferris

Well this project is still going :D

Again, one of those weeks where my time was cut pretty short due to work and travel etc. But ofc, I didn't come up empty handed :)

While not many concrete improvements to the compiler have been finished, the few that were include mouse support (after having emoon add mouse support to his minifb library via twitter) and a bunch of small cleanup-related things.

I've also started the optimization process, which basically involves generating IL from the AST and interpreting that instead of interpreting the AST directly, so that functions/unops/binops/variable/array/etc references can be resolved compile-time. My gut feeling is that's where the biggest speed gain will occur, so I'm starting there. It's no small task, though, so it's taking a bit, but I'm making progress :)

In any case, the screenshot is yet another old effect that runs now, a silly little mouse-controlled fire effect! The code can be seen here (note the adorable misspellings etc, hehe).

Until next week!