by Zach Harvest

I'm starting with a mini rant. (sorry) FUCK COMPUTERS AND THEIR MISC BUGS. Ive been fucked all week by Windows 10 and Premiere and I almost punched my monitor. And the lack of support on this shit. None of these issues are online. First the windows 10 shit because when you search a bug or issue, all you fucking get is UPGRADE NOW TO WINDOWS FUCKING 10 and HOW TO USE THE FUCKING START MENU bullshit. OR IF YOU'RE FUCKING LUCKY, you can get some similar issues/answers from the FUCKING BETA that TOTALLY FUCKING APPLY NOW....bullshit. And don't even get me started on premiere support. What a buncha fucking moronic computer users. Don't even know how they wipe their own ass, let alone use a computer.

Rant done. This week I did a few things. First was start work on data migration from my old 4 HDD RAID 0 NAS that's getting old and slow, over to my now "old" 8 core AMD computer. It's still a very capable computer being the best chip AMD has to offer at this juncture and will work well as my new NAS/extra gaming rig/transcoder/general whatever server. Part of this process has been consolidating data from the (yes I counted) over 20 computers I have had, not including the 4 builds once of my cases has seen. For those that don't know me, I save everything. I am a firm believer in "never delete" so I just back it all up. Even though I have a system in place for organizing, it was never designed to scale to this lol. So naturally I needed to organize. While doing that I set up my new Network Attached Premiere workflow. All video and photo imports and exports now go to the RAID 0 on HDDs and all current working projects go on a few SSDs for speed. Everything is gigabit so I shouldn't have any issues with read speeds. "shouldn't" key word. Ill bitch more about that later.

Time-lapse This was a lot of fun to shoot. I set the camera to full manual because I didn't want auto exposure and WB mucking about so as it got darker out so did the video. Basically I saw the feature in my camera and I tried it out a few times but didn't like how fiddly it was so I just took 20-30 min of video and stepped up the speed by about 25x-35x. THIS MADE PREMIERE TAKE A BIG FUCKING SHIT. Not expected, so I looked around for answers for HOURS AND HOURS and like I said, the community is a mess of fucktards. So I looked into troubleshooting it myself. I looked at my network usage and it was Far under 100% utilization and my disks weren't being maxed out either. So I moved it over to my M.2 SSD which reads at almost 3 GIGS PER SECOND not gbps and STILL got choppy video OR it just wouldn't play for 30 seconds and then play and cut audio after 3 seconds and stop and lock up like a bitch. It turns out it tries to play it back at 35x speed instead of interpolating the missing frames on the fly. So I went to re render the timeline. Not to hard if I make a shortcut out of it. And it still fucked up, I tried re transcoding and replacing the footage but for some reason I was going to be 10x the size even after chopping it down to 20 seconds from 20 min.....odd. So I think I'm going to export the clips and reimport them which is stupid and I should never have to do that but until I find a solution, this is all I got. Its not like my computer isn't setup for this either. 6 core i7 @ 4.6ghz and 32gb 3200mhz, m.2 drive and a OC as fuck 980ti. Like what the fuck guys.

Fuck. Download for best quality. Music clips but kinda sounds cool so whatevs. IM OUT Here's the WIP https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5gRarvHyXZSVURxYm5PbWU3ZTQ

Here's the Instagram version


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