by Zach Harvest

I did more video work this week. First thing is I wanted to kinda film a darker theme/setting. My idea was to go in to the shoot knowing what I wanted to colorgrade it to. So I went down to our local city park, fort sherman, and set up for some more still shots. (Still working on these kinds of shot until I get my gimbal) I knew what shots I wanted before I started so I went and started taking those. Some of them I made sure to get the sound of the water dripping off the "fort". Really fun shoot all in all but it was much more fun in post. I had a lot of headroom in post because I made sure my exposures were correct (about 1+stop over exposed) and shot in cine gamma 1 for the flattest image to grade. Worked out really well I think! Let me know. I know there could be more movement but for what it is, I love it.

Second, I added footage to my first still video project that I will continue to add shots to. This was taken on the same day. I took all of these shots on the same day because it was snowing and I had been waiting all week and planning out the shots for the snow and boy did it turn out good! I have some more color to work with to make it all match but all in all, purdy cool. ohh and I still forgot to edit out that extra vape on the downtown shot. Ill be switching up the clips.

ferris commented

I love this, despite being a little late to submit ;D

Really though, this was fantastic work. The pole shot with the water dripping down, the swing shot, the color grades, totally on point. And the music choice ofc, hehe ^^

on Wed Jan 20 2016 17:56:37 GMT-0500 (EST)