Butterball Part I

Butterball Part I

by ferris

This week I ended up finding some super old source code to a demo I wrote when I was 13, called "3D Overload". It was written in a language called Blitz Basic, which I used for basically everything at that time.

I dug around for a tiny bit trying to find a compiler for this old language, and wasn't very successful (at least not finding one for OS X) but I remembered the language being pretty simple, so I thought I'd throw together my own little compiler/interpreter to run the code instead!

So, the butterball project was born!

I only got as far as the parser this week, which is almost done, but still needs to support arrays and custom type specifiers. After that, some basic compilation passes are needed to get a decent graph that I can write an interpreter for. That should all be well and good, but may take some time between other projects (ofc). And I may never finish it. But it's been fun thus far!

Also, this week I started livecoding an n64 emulator! You can check out a recording of the first session here.

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Zach Harvest commented

Still looking through old files to try and find some of that content. Ill let you know when I find it!

on Tue Jan 19 2016 11:44:59 GMT-0500 (EST)