by baggers

Been a crazy week. Apparently that 'spaces api' issue from last week had been plugging my brain up, as soon as it was gone everything came tumbling out.

I could suddenly see how all the projects were going to hang together and filled up the whiteboard within a few minutes. I implemented the basics of the spaces' cpu side features and then got down to some planning.

To be able to test all the stuff I have been making I really needed a simple 3D environment that I can just fork and test out effects/techniques in. I remembered that when I was young I used to play with DarkBasic. It was a terrible language but it was so crazy simple to get something on screen, I need a play pen that's that simple.

To that end I've taken a week and a bit off from work to just code, and I'm going to try and make a super dumb little 3D engine this week. This will give me a place that I can test out spaces and also see what state cepl is really in.

I think there are enough other lisp libraries around for stuff like sound that It should be each enough.

I've been at it two days now so this is what I've been doing:

  • The first day was making this https://github.com/cbaggers/grab-bag.

    I had decided I wanted a fast enitity component system (the one that existed in lisp was..lacking peformance wise). The heart of a fast ECS is fast object pools I needed some.

    Grab-bag is a monster macro that writes optimized object pools (bags) that can be filtered (rummaged in) according to a predicate. It is designed that adding and removing is very fast and the internal caches minimize reallocation.

  • Today I wrote the ECS using grab-bag for the internals. There was some fiddly crap to make sure I can optimize the hell out of this later. https://github.com/cbaggers/hasty

  • I've also taken the event system from cepl and spun it off into its own library https://github.com/cbaggers/skitter

The last few days have been super ego boosting too, I've had a lot of good feedback on IRC and by email regarding cepl. Having a few users motivated me to get stuck into documentation at last so Friday was spent writing these: https://github.com/cbaggers/cepl/tree/feature-errors/docs/jungl

Theres a hole bunch more details but they can wait for another day.

Seeya all again next weekend :)

ferris commented

Hoooo man, you were busy this week! This is all awesome! I'd love to see the little engine you're making as well. Funny too to see a call back to DarkBasic; my entry this week actually dealt with one of it's competitors, Blitz Basic! Small world :)

on Mon Jan 18 2016 20:17:39 GMT-0500 (EST)

Zach Harvest commented

A week off to code. I want to take a week off and film lol. That would be awesome. Keep it up! Cant wait to see screenshots for future weeks!

on Tue Jan 19 2016 11:49:17 GMT-0500 (EST)