by Zach Harvest

So this week I decided to do some video with my new camera. It was a lot of fun going out through the week and capturing something and then being excited to go home and edit it. I did 3 videos this week but one of them I lost so I will submit 2 of them.

The first one I did taking still footage of downtown. I set up the shots meticulously making sure everything was set right. I still messed up on some of the darker shots. I needed to bump up the ISO more. I have found out that even at higher ISOs, the D7200 produces very uniform grain making it easy to work with in post. I however forgot about this and tried to make it brighter in post by boosting the dark scene. This made non uniform grain which kept me from brightening up the darker shots (i.e. the water coming up on the beach) I also learned how to colorgrade more. I tend to over process it and add too much color, but it's all a matter of taste. I love how it looks personally and any constructive criticism would be appreciated! I made 2 versions of this, and instagram version and a longer version. The longer version I would like to keep putting clips on and make a little video out of it. I'm looking for something in the 2:30 range.

Second video was A LOT of fun. Me, Kyle and Brad went out with my new soft box lighting and took a 12v power inverter and set them up down at riverstone park and did some totally douche bag vape footage. We didn't really plan on it but the shots were looking killer so we just went with it lol.

The 3rd video I don't have because I learned how sequences work. Basically I got confused and worked over a different project losing my Zach Does Youtube Space edit. I will edit it again and post in this entry but for now, I lost it.

I love taking video and I'm really going to try and focus on this for the next few weeks. However, I still want to keep learning blender so maybe I will do a Zach Does Blender or two.


Downtown Insta version

Some video stabilize stuff/trials/wip

baggers commented

Very cool, I really like the water shots, makes me feel relaxed. You could make a visual version of and sell the vids :) If I had to be critical then I felt the first water shot by the docks felt a bit 'half way between two different feelings' by which I mean you could bring out the yellows more to get a more 'staying cosy in the cold' feeling or go the other way so you nail a more bitter tone. I also didnt feel the second blast of vape into the street shot added anything.

Keep it up man I'm digging this!

on Mon Jan 11 2016 12:38:36 GMT-0500 (EST)

bau5 commented

I really like the downtown one a lot. Like a lot. The vapetastic one hahahaha. You guys are dorks, but I'm still amazed how fucking great that camera does it low light. I wanna see mooreeeeee!!!!

on Mon Jan 11 2016 12:45:02 GMT-0500 (EST)

Zach Harvest commented

I actually forgot to remove the vape part of the downtown shot lol. I had intended to remove that @baggers. Thanks for the feedback!

on Mon Jan 11 2016 18:10:30 GMT-0500 (EST)

ferris commented

Two words: HELLS YEH

on Tue Jan 12 2016 19:57:50 GMT-0500 (EST)