Warp Ship

Warp Ship

by Zach Harvest

Some more work on the space ship. Don't underestimate how much work I have put into it this week. I have learned a lot. I will update tomorrow when I am more awake. Edit: So I went all out this week and actually worked on it every day starting last Monday. I would take a laptop around, remote in and so a little modeling whenever I had a chance. Major things I did. Added a HDR image from NASA that has an obnoxious resolution as a backdrop. That took a few hours to get the one I wanted and I ended up with just a large picture instead of HDR and I just hide my angles. There are seams and but holes Was going to have a "sun" and have harsh lighting like a sun would, but I thought it looked "not cool" and used HDR lighting and some emission area lights and a bunch of others. All of them were on low power and its just to accentuate some of the panels that I have spent hours and hours modeling and I still can't them to pop without looking good. Also I learned how to make the viewport way more kick ass with some screenspace AO and stuff. Makes modeling this shit a little easier.

I worked on the armor. I had a basic nose piece last Sunday if you see the post edit but that same night I had actually started on some of the ships armor but it looked like total shit because my brain was done for the day. But I have re-worked the mesh underneath and plated much more of the ship. It has been my goal to keep the profile of the wings looking like they did. Its REALLY hard to do that when you put like 2in plate steel on them. But from the render you can see it kind of worked. I really liked how the wings turned out (ship mesh) and its been really hard to put armor over them but without it looks unfinished. I'm not totally sure I like how it turned out still but I can keep working on it. Next bit is to add lighting under the panels.Just a little glow or something kick ass. However most of the ship except the belly are done. I'm not going to armor under the wings because in theory, it should never get hit there.

I have a story! So in order to make up for the shittyness... I have created a back story. Lame I know, but whatever :D First thing is this is an armored 1-2 person A to B ship. Designed for high speed warp. It doesn't need/have a ton of maneuverability as it weighs a fuck load but it is fully armored. However, it can land in atmosphere. The plating can withstand any kind of weapon attack using graphene as energy absorption ie whatever lasers you throw at it. And missile/explosive energy absorption with those floating plates. Because none of them touch, when a explosive detonates on the armor, it moves to take the impact without transferring it to the ship. Making this one of the best point to point person carriers. No one has ever been killed in on and people hire these as safe transport from system to system. It is still weaponless until a future revision where it will get kick ass gunzzzzzzzzzzz.


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