Zach Does i7 #Neuromancer

Zach Does i7 #Neuromancer

by Zach Harvest

This week has been quite the week. Training on my new job, getting all of these parts in, building a computer completely on camera. This build has been a lot more work than I thought it would be, however, the culmination of all my thoughts into this computer is damn satisfying. Also, being a hobby of mine, I can't really complain. In fact, It's practically been a wet dream. But about Zach Does. So doing a few Zach Does episodes (I am aware that I have not technically completed one) Has been pretty easy thus far. Step 1. Invite Kyle. Step 2. Turn on GoPro Step 3. Do something I kinda know how dance around, but not really know how to do it. Step 4. Jumpcut edit (still working on technique of timing though) Step 5. Post

But now it's different. Though the week I have had to take video so many little bits of this project as they come though. It's actually been really hard to remember to take the camera out while in the face of shiny new hardware. It's also been hard turning on "Camera Mode" in my head. It's not that I'm trying to act differently than myself, its just I have to be on and ready. Make sure voice is clear enough, have a rough cut of what I want to say, ect... Also actually doing video while building is tough. I learned that last time I did my hardware transfer to this case before I built this rig. There were mad lulls of silence that were hard to work with and I was practically doing subtle physical humor which is not technically something I wan't to be to heavy on. Also I need to be presentable. I had shorts on, shitty shirt. I don't know...It just didn't work. I don't have an issue with my work space being messy because that is how I work and it's a part of the video. And the project was so long and late that I wasn't even excited at the end. So with that info, I took video of nearly everything. I 3 kick ass timelaps that I need to put in somewhere, I have 4 cameras worth of footage. And now that I'm editing it, I'm not really happy with the different cameras in the scene. I think I should stick to iPhone and GoPro until I can get a better DSLR. But I had the camera and my others were down at that moment so I had to get footage. Also I will have to mic myself maybe next time because I'm REALLY not happy with the audio dissimilarity. I still have a lot to work on but I think I'm just going to start putting them out there. As long as I complete them, I can learn and go. But I am still glad I took all this time to learn what I have not even mentioning how much easier it is to use Premier now.

Going through this process has taught me a shit load about staging and time management. This easily took 3 additional hours due to filming. I wasn't happy with my last build video but this one is tuning out MUCH better because I keep trying different things. I may not be making full episodes but I am certainly absorbing information like a sponge and applying it and making it that much better. Nothing has quite turned out as well as the first Zach Does Windows 10 for some reason and I'm sad I don't have an ending to make that video complete.

Check out the Youtube link!

MOTHERFUCKING EDIT! I stayed up till 3am on a work day and officially finished completed Zach Does. I will color grade and work on music and fine tuning but this is a FULL rough draft! Check it out guys!

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ferris commented

ok so this was MASSIVE. So much more stuff than I expected, both in the entry itself and the writeup. Long story short - I love this :D

on Mon Dec 07 2015 21:24:12 GMT-0500 (EST)