by baggers

I'm late, dammit. I fell asleep to early last night. Ok so what have I been doing? This week has mainly been a mad dash to get my shit together so I could go to the US. I found out on monday what dates I would be flying so that night I dug out my passport..which had expired. SHIT! passports take a month to reissue, my flight was in 3 days. DOUBLE SHIT. Luckily it only took half a day to get an emergency passport from the British Embassy which was awesome and they also wangled me an appointment at the US embassy to get my visa done. I turned up at the American embassy and got in later in the afternoon. They took my money, AND THE NEW PASSPORT, and told me they would email me when they had news. ooooooh crap. So then I was checking my inbox and spam every hour from then into the next day. The date then was the 25th and I suddenly realized that it was Thanksgiving the next day, so if I didnt have the passport in the next couple of hours then I had thrown 2000nok down the drain (not to mention the ticket costs). SHHHIIIIIT.. so I ran back to the american embassy, had a small argument between a guard who KNEW that "If we had taken your passport you would have a pink reciept" and myself, who knew he hadnt been given a recipt. Luckily this uncertainty got me inside the embassy where the woman behind the counter said "OH. We were just about to email you".





So I'm here in Palo Alto now getting ready for some cool Fuse related stuff I probably cant go into details here about. More on that stuff another month maybe :)

In code related news I've tweaked the compiler so that, if two functiosn take the same arguments and have the same body, then only one function defintition is created and is shared. This has allowed me to use some macro tricks to simplify how Cepl handles including use defined gpu functions in pipelines. (The old scheme used a code walker that was unreliable as it required updating every time I modified any of varjo's special forms).

Right so sorry this is a late entry SHAME SHAME SHAME

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@Jake, it seems that I cant edit the entry's image after it has been posted (at least on firefox)

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You can with additional images but not the title image. Ask Jake to delete the post and you can retry it then. Also give it a real title. We give ya a pass :P

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