Fuck Curves

Fuck Curves

by Zach Harvest

So this week. I got fucked on by curves. All week I wanted to learn curves but nothing but heartache. The first “issue” is the compounding difficulty with being not being great at “art” (drawing, visualizing and execution) which I bring up because the introduction to curves made that much more of an issue and getting something that looks nice is much more difficult. I shouldn’t get hung up on making things look good but I don’t think you should under estimate my struggle here this week. I have put together a bunch of WIPs that show some basic things I can do and some of the troubles I had. First thing is actually working with the curve or more appropriately spline or vector lines in other programs. I’m not the best at those so over the next few weeks I am going to familiarize myself with these things. They work as intended and I understand how to make it look how I want, however, like I said, compound the fact that:

  1. I have been working with hard edges this entire time has made everything MUCH easier than I thought it had. Artistically, polygons logic better in my head and execution just...works better for some reason.
  2. Curves require a vision of what you want to complete so that you have a direction to go and work towards. (Goes back to me not being good at “art”)
  3. How fucking technically difficult curves are in software.

First I made a tube. Not too hard. But first learning how things scale, extrusions are done, applying bevels with other shapes. It took a while. But I can’t really make a single thing with that so I put that in the knowledge box. Second I made an airfoil type shape. First issue is I can make the shape but I don’t know how to double apply bevles like a taper for the end of a wing for example and also keep the shape. And I could not for the life of me figure out how to make a bottom to the mesh. You can’t just add vertices and connect them and edit them with a mesh. It seems that once working with a curve, you are working with a curve and not a normal mesh. Everything is generated differently so for instance you can’t take a cube and add a curve to it or snap or move vertices to the curve. Very frustrating. Another ongoing issue that I was starting to overcome is blenders lack of real units of measurements and lack of easy snapping tools. By inputting numbers on the proper axis to create uniformity, I was starting to get used to it. However, I like perfectly uniform things for certain projects and models and blender does NOTmake this easy, or at least, I haven’t found out how to do that. (not that I haven’t looked into this for countless hours) Making this more difficult is the cold hard fact that curves (they start as straight lines) now have orientation. Before, I never had to worry about my line being rotated on its current axis to move the way I want. Hopefully you can extrapolate what I’m trying to get at in the WIPs. <<<< This fucking shit is what slowed me down the most from even creating an anything.

Hopefully you guys can forgive the lack of an actual production (no matter how shitty) but my struggle was real. Imgur link for WIPs


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baggers commented

I love reading about weeks like these, especially on those weeks when I've been having the same, reminds me that I'm not just being a muppet :D

Good job dude, you'll nail it soon

on Mon Nov 30 2015 10:41:12 GMT-0500 (EST)

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bau5 commented

Like i said in slack, i love that one with the curves mmmm. Looking real good dude 👍 looking forward to seeing what you do with this shit

on Mon Nov 30 2015 12:37:46 GMT-0500 (EST)