by ferris

After about 5 years of not being able to for various reasons (namely moving a lot between different countries and in general not wanting to buy anything large), I finally buckled and got myself an electric drum kit :D

Of course, it wasn't all funtimes and rainbows - the apartment complex I live in has paper-thin walls and floors, and the vibrations from hitting them was traveling straight through the frame of the kit and into the floor, thus shaking up the place rather noisily. So, I did some research, and most people were solving this by basically building a platform to lift the drums off the floor and absorb and/or dissipate most of those vibrations before they ever got there.

My solution was basically to build a platform out of some workout floor foam sandwiched between two particle boards and covered with a small piece of carpet. This platform would sit on 36 tennis ball halves, that would raise it off the floor and absorb any extra vibrations before they got to the floor underneath. The key here is to have a large pocket of air beneath the platform more than anything, so the vibrations can escape sideways into the air instead of being channeled into the floor.

I'm not the typical sort of handyman-type, so this was the first of these kinds of projects I've ever really done, and I really enjoyed it. And best of all, it WORKS. No complaints yet; we'll see how that turns out in the next few weeks, though :D

Here are some WIP shots of the build:

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