Shitty ship is shitty

Shitty ship is shitty

by Zach Harvest

I have been wanting to do a space ship really bad. But I didn't want it to look this bad. I had many issues with setting up the mesh and modeling an actual object. Shapes are easy like the room and pillars, but you have to have your framework set up if you want to do a ship. Things like mirroring the sides so you don't have to click the same surface to move the on each side and more. This looks shitty because it is..I only had like 1.5 hours to do it. So here it is. Also, I'm hung over as fuck and my club is totally fucked today.

Also, the other part of my everyweeks and why this got crunched into Sunday is increasing render times. I did a lot of research and testing literally all week on render times and making them faster. Throwing video cards at the situation will always make it go faster but you have a lot in software you have to tweak PER SCENE. This scene rendered fastest with different tile sizes. 64x64 is just too small and it takes the GPU more time to initilize on each chunk than it does to finish rendering the actual chunk. 256x256 is much better. Also making sure that you keep your fastest gpu rendering always. If you are to have an idle GPU, tweak the settings so that your fastest GPU renders the last chunk. Doing test renders and comparing times is the only way to know how you need to adjust your perimeters for the scene. This was valuable to learn. Earlier this week, Rick wanted a 1080p render of a scene. After messing with the settings for 5 min I got it down from 49min to 24min. That is a MASSIVE increase all because I did a few test renders and spent the time optimizing. Also changing how many light bounces you want depending on how it looks can also decrease time and adjusting based on Branched rendering. Kick ass stuff.

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ferris commented

I've seen a LOT of worse first-attempts at modeling like this. Sure, it's not amazing, but putting it in the hanger was a nice touch; sells it for sure :D And props for continuing to actually do everyweeks every week. And the rendering speedup details are sexy af. Nice work :D

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