Hello, everyweeks!

Hello, everyweeks!

by ferris

I got my first FPGA this week!!

I had never played with programmable hardware before, so it was quite the experience. After a few days, I'm basically brainfried haha.

Short version of the story:

  • Day 1: FPGA arrives. Software is huge and doesn't install properly. Disappointed.
  • Day 2: Redownload all software and install in a different order. Stuff works. Make PWM on an LED. Make PWM on 4 LED's. Offset phase. Wave. NICE.
  • Day 3: Lots of reading.
  • Day 4: Decide to get the thing to print "Hello, everyweeks!" over UART to my computer. Get frustrated with super slow iteration time with official tooling. Find good open-source compilation/simulation software. Practice writing testbenches for very basic hardware units. Finally get emacs up and running on my Windows box. NICE.
  • Day 5: Try to install USB -> VCP drivers on OS X. Spend hours failing to get them to work. Tried on the PC. Works. NICE. Super brainfried and frustrated with apparent lack of progress, but I continue anyways. Look up diagram on UART (below). Find resource on how to divide clocks, get the right speed. NICE. Send a single byte. Refactor. Send a different byte. NICE. Spend hours of trial-and-error fighting silly verilog bugs. Send multiple characters. FUCKING NICE. Refactor. Still sends. Rewrite message to the correct one. Works. YESSSSS SO NICCCEEEEE. Take loads of pictures. Make a collage. D.O.N.E.

As usual, the source to all of this is available on my Github:

Too tired to really write any more, but man, hardware is cool hahaha.

UART protocol diagram

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Zach Harvest commented

Everyweeks. Officially on MOTHER FUCKING HARDWARE. This is awesome, the led wave is tits looking. So smooth. Cant wait to see what you implement first!

on Mon Nov 02 2015 03:02:02 GMT-0500 (EST)