The Hangar

The Hangar

by Zach Harvest

So this week. I STEPPED IT UP A FUCKING NOTCH! I learned how to model....bitch. Anyway, I started with extruding shapes. That got boring real quick. SO I MADE A FUCKING HANGAR! FUCK YEAH. Sorry...But this is pretty tits. Basically I started with one of the pillars you see on the left and right, 5 on each side. Then I made the walls angled in. Then I made some lights and shit, ya know, filling up the scene. After that I decided the ceiling and back wall were too barren so I created some stuff on the back wall from the plane. That's one fucking model! Extruded and made from one piece. The side pillars are comprised of a few pieces. (excuse my big headed dick headedness, but I'm surprised I did this myself) After I got the mood right I started trying to add texture and bump maps to some surfaces. After a few hours of working on that, I decided I would need to dedicate another everyweek so I can get better at it and come back with that knowledge. (So I will update this project in the future with bump maps and textures ect...) This will eventually house a ship that I will model in the future, something like a single cockpit space dog fighter. So I needed to add lights that will unveil as a camera moves in. So I hand animated the lights to flicker on at different rates and such. That's just time consuming more than anything. I will link the additional shots to imgur because of the sheer amount of them.

Let me know what you think! I have plans for this room, or will create a new one for my next major project. But TLDR. I put my accumulative knowledge together, AND learned how to model. I shit you not, I have never modeled to any real extent in my life. I'm very proud of this because of that.

Please look through all the content, it's worth

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ferris commented

omg soooo titssssss aaaaaaha fuck dude this is cool!!! :D

on Mon Oct 26 2015 00:25:54 GMT-0400 (EDT)

bau5 commented

Goddamn zach this is so damn gooooood! I can't wait to see what more you do! 🎉

on Mon Oct 26 2015 01:22:34 GMT-0400 (EDT)