by ferris

So I started working on a graphical debugger for the SNES audio unit I've been working on to help me hammer out some of the few remaining bugs, and also to see what it would be like to build UI's using Qt on top of Rust-based projects. Basically, it's REALLY good, which rules, because I've been wanting to make the same switch with a music-related project I've kept under wraps for some time :)

While the debugger itself is in pretty early stages, it has a basic RAM viewer and some super basic voice viewers that don't work :D

In the picture you can see the RAM viewer displays byte values in the blue channel of each pixel, with the red channel's brightness indicating how recently the value has changed. The upper portion of this specific screenshot shows the hardware's echo unit going to town :)

So, while it's not much yet, we're off to a great start. You can check out the project on Github as usual :D

Last Edited on Mon Oct 19 2015 01:19:24 GMT-0400 (EDT)