Zach Does

Zach Does

by Zach Harvest

So I decided to make a Youtube show called "Zach Does" where I have to do a thing. For now its all recorded with a GoPro, video and audio. It can be anything, but the goal is hopefully its something either I don't know how to do, or struggle with. This first one was me upgrading to Windows 10. I knew this was going to be a bitch because of how many hard drives I have and the particular method was specific. It wasn't a simple, "Hit upgrade and go!" install. I plan on doing more of these when the content presents itself. This is technically unfinished and I will upload one when its done, but I missed the end where I actually got booted into Windows 10 for the final time so thus, the project is unusable.

Last Edited on Mon Oct 19 2015 00:39:54 GMT-0400 (EDT)

ferris commented

This was hilarious, both when it was recorded and seeing versions of it later. I hope you manage to finish an episode some day XD

on Mon Oct 19 2015 00:54:20 GMT-0400 (EDT)