Drop the Cloth 2!

Drop the Cloth 2!

by Zach Harvest

This looks WAY more lame than it is. Basically I was just going to finish the scene and move on but it ended up being the entire everyweek. Hours and hours of work, almost embarrassingly. All I needed to do was make the cloth less uniform and less "thick" looking. I tried EVERYTHING, at least 4 different "force" types and a shit ton of variable changes each. I had to wait 10min+ for each to get to a point where I could see if it work. None of them worked the way I wanted. After all that I tried wight painting (where you paint stiffness scaling to the mesh and it worked! Hoever, I did not have the time to actually get it looking the way I wanted because I still had to render and upload. However, my goal was achieved. This scene technically is completely different from the old one. I rebuild it from scratch.

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ferris commented

So cool to see this progress. Awesome stuff :D:D

on Mon Oct 19 2015 00:20:43 GMT-0400 (EDT)