Drop the cloth

Drop the cloth

by Zach Harvest

This week I decided to make a scene from a video I watched back in 2011. I couldn't find the video anywhere, so I challenged myself to make it as close as possible from memory. If you knew how long this simple scene took..... I messed up constantly. First was the issue of the material. That took LOTS of tweaks to even make it close to what I wanted. Its still a little off, but I had to move on. Second, I had issues with the Blender bake cache. Every time I moved the camera I was losing my 10+ min bake of the simulation. Once I figured that out, I ended up with a scene that was VERY close in my head but was far to uniform. I couldn't fix that because I was out of time. IN FACT! I fell asleep on my desk waiting for the render to finish. Due to the level of dedication to the project, I was cut some slack by the group because I didn't submit by the Sunday 11:59, and submitted the next day.

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ferris commented

Once again, awesome dedication :D really showing the everyweeks spirit!

on Mon Oct 19 2015 00:21:09 GMT-0400 (EDT)