Cast that hue

Cast that hue

by Zach Harvest

This was another week of trying to copy someones work. Except I ended up taking my own route so I would call this my own. I worked hard on this all week and it wasn't turning out the way I wanted it to. This is the week I learned how to do depth of field and some other things, but didn't get to implement it because it didn't really fit the scene. So after lots of trial and error I finally came up with this and it looks awesome!! The render at 1080 took somewhere in the neighborhood of 2-3 hours because of the slight "fog" or volumetric lighting. That added more time than I thought it would but really took the scene to the next level. I have to area lights off to the sides out of frame that give that hue or cast of the color based on the sides color. I had a lot of issues with perspective but I was able to cheat those out so the scene looked mostly even. Bonus images included.

Preview Render Shitty scene is shitty Shitty scene is still shitty

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ferris commented

This was super tits!!!! Love seeing the WIP's as well. Nice stuff!

on Sun Oct 18 2015 23:41:20 GMT-0400 (EDT)

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